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Archive Journal

Featuring articles, transcripts, interviews, and documents, Archive Journal’s emphasis on aesthetic practice and historical and theoretical discourse brings together articles and essays from the fields of architecture, art, media
and politics to forge a cross-disciplinary discourse uniquely relevant
to contemporary concerns. Publishing some of the most interesting contributions within these disciplines, Archive Journal has positioned itself
at the forefront of the most current aesthetic and critical debates. The Journal poses itself as a library of new ideas, an ongoing index of creation, featuring new and historic materials.

Edited by Chiara Figone, Paolo Caffoni,
Markus Miessen, Elena Volpato
Multilingual text


Archive Books is a publishing house committed to the development of a range of activities dedicated to contemporary cultural production founded in 2007 by Chiara Figone. Through its publications Archive Books explores and conveys art publications as a method to bring art practices into the public discussion. It aims to produce and distribute printed materials, which allows the creation and the maintenance of a dialogue between cultural research and social sphere. In 2008, Archive Journal was launched, bringing together scholarly and theoretical articles from the fields of art, architecture, and politics to create a cross-disciplinary discourse. Archive Books also organizes a series of cultural events in Berlin, at Archive Kabinett, editorial office of the publishing house and elsewhere.

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