Archive books is an independent art publisher based in Berlin and founded in Turin back in 2007. Archive books has since developed a range of publishing activities dedicated to contemporary art. Its program includes artists’ books, monographs, essays and catalogues. Artists’ books are an integral part of Archive books work. This medium of expression is one if its kind. Transforming the method of conveying art into art itself is essential to the exploration of meaning and value.
Any form of communication is an interpretation of its own and treating it as such has resulted in some of the most striking works of art. True to its idea of publishing,
Archive books works as an independent producer as well as a partner for institutions.

Archive Kabinett’s purpose is to create a space to experiment with formats and concepts related to the publishing field,
to stimulate a challenging collaboration between artists, writers
and curators while exploring their roles. Archive Kabinett aims not only at fostering art but also at defining and developing
a platform for art publishing. Its intent is to present the viewer
with thought-provoking events, to encourage a critical discussion around “contemporary culture” through artists lectures, exhibitions and talks and to promote curiosity for every field. Devoted to research and reflection on artistic, social, and political practices, Archive Kabinett aims to translate, organize and
circulate theoretical materials. Archive Kabinett is the headquarters of Archive Books and Archive Journal.

Archive Journal is a quarterly journal comprised of both new
and already existing material. The format and structure of Archive Journal intends to reflect ideas of possible archiving, by being composed of differing, open-ended, yet interconnected sections, some will run over consecutive issues, some may disappear to reappear in the future, and some may cease to exist completely. By publishing this discourse it brings to light a possible interpretation of history, like a conscious point of view on contemporaneity, while also pointing to the necessity to reflect on those principles and rules that construct our cultural environment. Archive Journal is an inquiry on that place in between the notion of tradition and authorial work that we call history or reality.


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