Event #7

February 5th, 2011 at 7.00 pm

An evening of casual conversations organized
by Robert Okuda Fitzpatrick at Archive Kabinett.
Dieffenbachstrasse 31. 10967 Kreuzberg-Berlin
Starts at 7pm

Simon Denny will screen an episode from the hit ‘90s sitcom, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Episode’ – the content of which was used for a recent body of work by Denny. In this episode the main character, played by Will Smith, has an idea to publish a photo book of Bel Air celebrity mansions to impress his girlfriend, that although intended for book publication, never makes into page form. The screening will be followed by a light conversation between the artist, Nicolas Ceccaldi (a contributor to Denny’s recent publication ‘Video Aquarium Broadcast’), and musician, Dan Bodan, who will discuss issues concerning the distribution of online image, text, media and knowledge content.

Jean-Michel Wicker, founder and editor of Le Edizioni Della China, will present new and recent artist’s fanzines and publications. Founded in 2006 in Nice under the name Le Edizioni Della Luna, the publishing house has been based in Berlin since 2009, and publishes irregular and random editions of fanzines, posters, cards, maps and xeroxes.

Karl Holmqvist will present a collection of new cds and vinyls, artist’s books and copy publications to look at, talk about, listen to, trade, sell and maybe even give away.


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Archive Kabinett at Salon Light #7
October 22 – 24, 2010

Paris – Point Éphémère/Salon Light #7

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P3 Ambika – London/Sunday Fair

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Archive Books at Miss Read
September 3 – 5, 2010

KW – Berlin/Miss Read

▲ Release #9

Lara Favaretto,
Momentary Monument I (The Swamp)

Momentary Monument is Turin-based artist Lara Favaretto’s first artist’s book,
an extension of her project of the same title, which was shown as part of the exhibition “Making Worlds / Fare Mondi” in the 53rd Venice Biennial, curated
by Daniel Birnbaum. Including texts by Daniel Birnbaum and Chris Sharp, this publication expands the project shown at the Venice Biennial. It is divided into three parts: the first is a prologue, explaining how a swamp is created; the central part tells the stories of twenty disappeared individuals, characters such as Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, who was lost in sea in 1975; and an epilogue describing the change in the surrounding landscape of the swamp, which doesn’t quite look
the same.

Lara Favaretto (born Treviso, Italy, 1973) lives and works in Turin. Her works have been featured in the Sydney, Sharjah and Venice Biennials, the Torino Triennial, and exhibited in Castello di Rivoli, MOCA Los Angeles, and Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Edited by Paolo Caffoni
Hardcover, 15
× 21 cm
English text
384 pages
30.00 eur

▲ Release #8

Reto Pulfer,
Der Themenkatalog und andere Künstlerbücher

Der Themenkatalog is Reto Pulfer’s first artist’s book. It is a selection of preparatory works and unique handmade print works reproduced here for the first time. It is a catalogue, an indexical attempt to bring together works and texts
in categorical order. Der Themenkatalog includes a critical text by curator Francesco Pedraglio, as well as literary texts by Reto Pulfer.

Reto Pulfer (born Bern, 1981) is a Berlin-based artist, whose work has been featured in exhibitions in institutions such as Kunsthalle Bern, ExtraCity, Antwerp, the Chelsea Art Museum, New York, and Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam.

Edited by Francesco Pedraglio and Reto Pulfer
Co-published with FormContent, London
Hardcover, 32
× 24 cm
English/German text
48 pages
18.00 eur

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